My Story

IMG_7187Originated from small town Sudbury, ON, Natalie is now residing in Toronto, ON.

Moving out of her comfort zone, and leaving the city she had lived in for 20 years showed her that you’re going to hit many road blocks in life.

After two years of working low paying jobs she was determined to go back to school. And she did. Excited to start the next journey of her life, Natalie tends to overcome any road blocks she may be faced in her future years with poise and grace.

Currently enrolled in Advertising and Marketing Communications at Humber, she hopes to one day be working full-time in the Fashion or Music industry.

Something that a wise woman once told her —

“There’s no road map to life, but the people you meet along the way will help map you out to your next destination.

Gravel lane ways can sometimes lead to the most exciting and inspiring life experiences.”

P.s. This brilliant woman was her mother.



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