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Topic of conversation on a Monday morning usually consists of, “how was your weekend?”, and “what did you get up to?”. My answer, usually short, being, “oh not much, hung out with some friends.” Pretty great right?

WRONG. Weekends consist of, cooking, cleaning, and preparing for the week ahead, and yes, I do enjoy the casual drink on a Saturday evening, but for the most part I hermit in my apartment and watch Friends with my loving boyfriend.



What is my favourite past time you ask? EATING. Point blank, sitting down with a great glass of Pinot Noir, a good hunk of cheddar and catching up on gossip with some great people.

I’ve been on a health kick lately, but I will not let myself eat any boring old salad. I’m not vegetarian but I do get a lot of my food inspiration from vegetarian or vegan food blogs.





Here is a link to my favourite hummus dip from my favourite little hole in the wall restaurant back home, The Laughing Buddha. It’s feisty and its feta. If ever you’re visiting Sudbury, because who doesn’t want to go to Sudbury, I highly suggest giving this restaurant a try.

You can check out more recipes I love on my Pinterest board of inspiration!

Looking for a little healthy action in Toronto? I know what you’re thinking, “Toronto has so many restaurants how do I know which to choose!?” Well, look no further because I can tell you. Featured here is the beautiful tangled thai salad from Fresh Restaurants. I’m a tad biased since I work there, but seriously guys, check it out.



In the mean time, you can find me hanging on the couch, watching the latest Netflix series, eating sushi from my favourite take out place.